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Large anchovy Ortiz

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Succumb to these large anchovies, threaded by hand one by one, prepared in the old way, with extra virgin olive oil. These anchovies are distinguished by their flesh with a firm texture and intense flavor.

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Weight0.122 kg
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Anchovies, extra virgin olive oil and salt

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Anchovy jar with pic fork

Unique taste thanks to their method of preparation. The salt is removed with great care, the fillets are carefully prepared by hand and they retain a part of their skin. The result is an anchovy with a very original taste, reminiscent of anchovy salt.
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Anchovy prestige

Fall for these large anchovies threaded one by one, and carefully packaged by hand in olive oil. Thanks to this careful elaboration, we obtain anchovies with a compact flesh and an intense flavor.
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Anchovy canned

Developed carefully, fall for these anchovies threaded one by one, and packed carefully by hand in olive oil. Their intense flavor and firm flesh will leave a unique taste in the mouth.
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Anchovy Jar 350g

Goût unique grâce à leur méthode de préparation. Le sel est retiré avec beaucoup de soin, les filets sont soigneusement préparés à la main et ils conservent une partie de leur peau. Le résultat est un anchois au goût très original, qui rappelle celui de l'anchois au sel.
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